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What we offer our residents, businesses on Gracefield Island and even commuters and casual visitors, is a compact city that engenders freedom, as the island interfaces directly with the lagoon on all sides. A city that encourages people to express themselves in enterprise, education, routine living, arts, entertainment and community. This is possible, as the basic but important issues of reliable power supply, efficient infrastructure, safety and security would have been well taken care of, by us.

This means that residents feel safe to use our dedicated cycling lanes. It will be safe for even young children to ride their bikes or scooter to school within our mini metropolis. The pavements and parks provide ample spaces for joggers and other outdoor activities.

Our ferry berth and multiple jetties allow residents to anchor their boats nearby and be able to access other parts of the city by water.

The landing spot we have reserved for helicopters is very useful for that quick business shuttle to other parts of the country or even media.

Gracefield Island is an ideal place for residents across age groups, from infant whose parents have access to excellent crèche and nursery facilities, to the young professionals who will rather work in international standard serviced office spaces, very successful entrepreneurs whose business is located within 10 minutes walk from home or retired successful people who are not far from reputable health care service providers and areas of relaxation and fun.