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Ferdinand Agu, MFR


Ferdinand Nwabueze Agu, MFR  26th July, 1960 to 7th June, 2024, architect, administrator, philosopher, builder, board room guru, was born in the old Eastern Region of Nigeria. At about age 11, he won a scholarship to study in Kenya. He was an active student union leader.

 Mr. Agu studied architecture and worked on iconic real estate projects such as Victoria Garden City in Lagos and Aso Gardens in Abuja. By 1999, his talent had been recognised in public administration and he was appointed as Director General of National Maritime Authority (later Nigeria Maritime Safety Administration- NIMASA), 2004.

He later served as Special Adviser in President Jonathan's administration in the office of SGF. after leaving government, he remained very engaged in nation building as confidant of many high profile office holders and activities of think-tanks like Aka Ikenga, Abuja Literary Society, etc. He was a boardroom veteran and chaired African Maritime Services Limited. Mr. Agu was pivotal to the idea of Gracefield Island and its eventual evolution into reality. He gave the best of himself at all times. He was excellent.